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Many students, from incoming undergraduates (“Rising Freshman or Freshers”) through to PhD’s (Doctoral Students) are considering taking a Gap Year (GY) or Voluntary Leave of Absence (VLA) during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Between 12 and 20 percent of college (undergraduate) students say that they will take a Gap Year, along with 16 percent of rising freshman click here.  This number will increase many universities do not open their physical campuses this Autumn and instead opt for the online learning. Preliminary research shows that as many as 25% of undergraduate and graduate-level students are considering a VLA for the 2020-2021 academic year. The Chronicle of Higher Education is tracking the plans of universities. Click hereto view.

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Student Ventures

StudVent is all about student ventures: student-led startups from academic institutions all over the world. The team at StudVent perceives that while there is a growing interest and an increase in resources for student entrepreneurship on campuses around the globe, it remains hard to find and learn more about the numerous actual student startup companies founded in the dorm rooms, boot camps, hackathons, accelerators, and incubators at universities. We believe that there is much to be gained by unearthing the thousands of student startups that abound on our campuses.

We seek to build awareness of student-started companies by giving them a platform to tell the world what they are doing and what they need to grow their companies.  Our mission also entails bringing resources, customers, team members and partners to these student-founded companies.

We cover student startups at the undergraduate, masters, MBA, PhD and Post-doc levels from higher educational institutions from around the globe.

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  • Studvent provides me with a healthy daily dose of student startup news from different sources. Its also a good source for learning about students who are making things happen in their universities and aids me in my recruiting efforts

    Linda Calabro,

Student Venture Entrepreneurship Club (SVEC)


Our Club was launched in the summer of 2020. We seek to build a virtual community of students globally who are current university and college students at any level of study (undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral, professional or postdoctoral). Our chapter has monthly meetings, guest speakers, and will develop more programming as we grow and are influenced by motivated student leaders yet to come. The SVEC is a Chapter of the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO).

Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization a 501 (c) (3) not for profit charitable corporation, founded in 1983 It supports more than 16,500 emerging collegiate entrepreneurs annually. CEO believes that any student, regardless of academic discipline, can launch a business. Through its global network of more than 250 college and university chapters, CEO supports and inspires the growth and development of any student that seeks to be entrepreneurial.

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