Source: Yale University

Yale’s School of Management (SOM) alumni have sponsored 15 winners with financial grants worth approximately $100,000.  14 SOM alumni lined the panel. From the Yale University article published on June 21st, here are the winners:

The Henry F. McCance Entrepreneurial Award  

AIRPower aims to build sustainable electric powertrain systems for class-8 trucks. Yale College alumnus…… Aydin Akyol ’19, Alejandro Alonso ’20, and Jennifer Gammond ’19

Forested Foods is an agroforestry venture that works with smallholder farmers—starting in Ethiopia—to sustainably source, process, and market specialty forest-based foods…….Ariana Day Yuen ’19

Brio Fund is a nonprofit venture philanthropy startup with a global focus that catalyzes mental health innovation in vulnerable communities through local partnerships…….Daisy Rosales ’20

Hand Me Ups is a children’s secondhand marketplace that scales informal exchange networks like hand-me-downs………Melisssa Mazzeo ’20

Marshalla and Jay S. Yadav, M.D. ’79 B.S. Entrepreneurial Award

Statera addresses a market gap in auto-immune disease therapy by optimizing the efficacy of combinatorial drug delivery……Owen Yang ’19

Alto is a line of all-natural spiked seltzers made with real squeezed fruit and a splash of tequila……Max Dworin ’20 and Noah Gray ’20

ReVert Technologies makes an electric lawn mower for landscapers that provides high quality cuts on grass, eliminates 5% of U.S. air pollution, saves 90% on fuel cost, and lowers noise……Ryan Li ’19

Upright Oats offers customers healthy, sustainable, and affordable oat milk that is available in three flavors: original, vanilla, and chocolate…..Thu Ra ’20 and Betty Tang ’20

Buddy is an online recruitment service targeting job seekers between the ages of 15 and 28 without a college education……Haim Haviv ’19

The Fuad El-Hibri ’82 Entrepreneurial Award     

Nochi LTD creates educational gaming in the form of novel visual entertainment……Addison Genenbacher ’19

Healthcare Abroad provides a network of highly qualified physicians and end-to-end concierge services for individuals seeking affordable international healthcare with the objective of increasing quality and convenience……Danny Briggi ’20 and Sebastian Lorda ’20

Chuck Monkey is a personal finance tool that uses the latest in behavioral economics theory to empower individuals to take control of their debts, manage their spending, and build a nest egg……Aly Crowley ’19, Aiswarya Ravi ’19, and Gregor Whyte ’19

The Nancy Pfund ’82 Social Impact Award           

Great Good Solar promotes, organizes, and provides financing for low- to medium-income neighborhoods to go solar……Hannah Beineck ’20

The Morris and Miriam Pozen Entrepreneur Award        

Y-Circular is a sharing platform that lets students rent goods peer-to-peer, accessing a virtual library of closets……Marina de Melo Sa Roriz ’19

Brazen Eats develops prepared meals and snacks featuring plant-based meat……Sarah Mandlebaum ’19 and Georgia Sills ’19

From “Fifteen Student Startups Win 2019 Entrepreneurial Awards” – June 21st, 2019