XPhone is the first blockchain powered phone powered by “Function X”, an ecosystem built on blockchain technology. The XPhone is completely decentralized meaning that users are not locked-in with carriers (who act as the third party validators when comparing to the cryptocurrency application of blockchain). Using blockchain nodes, users can route phone calls and text messages. XPhone is not running towards 5g, 6g, or 7g for data, Function X states: “We seek to create a world where you have complete control over how your data is used. Your privacy matters. Own your data.” This use of blockchain technology proves that blockchain is useful beyond financial matters, and can be put to use in innovative ways to improve our technology, privacy, communication systems etc. This in essence, is the goal of Function X.

From Function X : “The next era of the Internet is “Blockchain Internet”. Function X will be leading the charge to power this new era of decentralized world. Every app, image, data, bit and byte on the internet will be decentralized.”

A “decentralized world” might be the next dramatic shift in our society. How will our current government mesh with a “decentralized world”? Are we soon to be governed by the technology we created? 

“The XPhone OS is currently available to phone manufacturers for testing. The detailed information of Function X will be available on https://functionx.io on October 15th. The Function X blockchain, FXTP, IPFX, and XPhone will be officially launched in Q2 2019”(Beyond crypto: Pundi X unveils blockchain-powered phone).




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