By Michael Clouser

Dallas, Texas – Southern Methodist University – 09 August 2019:  Yash Sutaria is an amazing student entrepreneur who apparently has tried and failed, and tried and failed again. But at 19 he succeeded in a business called Greek Socials. This company was an event planning service that first offered DJs for fraternity parties. It reminded us of the infamous “Party with Chuck” at Cornell University.   He is described as a self-made millionaire. Now 22, he has reflected and offered us all some good advice:

“His past ventures failed because he was more focused on making money, but once he focused on doing what he liked and providing good services, his business took off, he said” according to a recent 06 August 2019 article from in the Business Section of Park Cities People.

He attends SMU and is now embarking on opening up new co-working space in Dallas. He used to work 100 hour weeks, but now has managed his businesses more effectively and can take off weekends. He attends university on a part-time basis.  A fascinating student entrepreneur to learn more about and learn from as well and a potential mentor for a member of StudVent that has startup ambitions.

Source: Park Cities People