Joshua Small is a second year student at the University of Edinburgh studying Applied Mathematics and Economics with a passion for entrepreneurship. Joshua has discovered a problem within his school. Textbooks come at a costly price for University students, and after these students complete their course for the semester, they no longer have a need for their textbooks. These textbooks end up sitting in the closets of students who no longer need them, while newcomers to courses are searching for their required textbook at a competitive price.

Joshua is looking to compete with a private company who supplies most of the students at the University of Edinburgh with their textbooks, and undercut them with a more competitive price. Joshua plans to buy back textbooks from students who no longer have a use for them at a price slightly higher than they would be brought back at otherwise. He then plans on selling them to students who have a need for the textbooks at a higher price than Joshua purchased them, yet lower than his competitor.