With much uncertainly on the university campus, students are unsure if they will have to pause midstream this Autumn, leave campus and go online again. They also fear falling ill from the virus as the incidents of large gatherings in State College will increase along with day-to-day social contact with others. Furthermore, students are unsure if their “face-to-face teaching” professors will stick with the teaching through the coming year, or even turn up for it in the first place. For these reasons, many students are considering taking gap years (leave of absences or LoAs) for a year or even longer. However, unlike in usual times where a gap year could entail travel (in the flesh), cultural immersion, jobs, internships, and volunteer service opportunities, today’s gap year choices are extremely limited, leaving students in limbo. The Covid-19 crisis has changed the international landscape for gap / LoA year opportunities drastically.