PALO ALTO, USA  – 20 October 2020:       A desire to highlight the talent and skills of student photographers, Student Ventures through its Academy and virtual entrepreneurship club has initiated a unique, first-of-its kind global contest.

“Student photographers are entrepreneurs of sorts themselves” commented Michael Clouser, CoFounder and Director, who followed with “We wish to highlight their talent and potential, in incentivize them to show and share it with the world””

This effort will also add to publicly available visual content surrounding the theme of student entrepreneurship as all entries will be placed public domain under the Creative Commons (CC) license.

“Our research has found a shortage of student entrepreneurship visual content in the public domain, even in the private, for that matter.  We’d like to help fill that gap”” said Clouser.

The winner will receive at least a $500 prize which will be awarded to the photographer or artistic team directly or donated to a university or charity of choice. In addition, the winner will be recognized and interviewed for news articles and press releases.

To enter the contest, the student photographer must be a currently registered student at an accredited college or university anywhere in the world where such a contest is legal.  Undergraduate, postgraduate, Masters, Law, Medicine, MBA, MFA, and PhD students are all welcome to enter. Student photographers will submit photos in alignment with a main theme and a subtheme of their choice.

Some of the themes include “Student Entrepreneurs or Teams”, “Student Startup Dogs”, “Student Startup Places”, “Alumni-Student Entrepreneur Interaction”,  “Student Social Enterprises” and others. Creativity is encouraged in capturing the spirit of student entrepreneurship at the higher education level. Participants are encouraged to stay safe, distant and wear masks with 2 meters of others in carrying out their work during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The deadline for submissions is 01 February 2021.

More information and an application form can be found on the site here: