Australia is an animal-loving nation, and while we know consumers are willing to part with hard-earned cash to pamper their pets, there’s also an argument that having furry friends in an office environment can boost productivity, leading to happy teams and better bottom lines.

We asked startup founders and others in the space how they feel about office dogs, and other animal employees, and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

In the interests of balance, we actively sought people who were not pro-pupper, and we literally couldn’t find any. Seriously. Startupland loves dogs.

They’re hailed as a calming presence for stressed employees, they’re credited with boosting creativity, and they help busy people take some time out to go outside. Apparently, the benefits of office dogs abound.

But, on the other hand, do they pose an inclusivity problem? Could a dog undermine a startup’s goal to provide an environment welcoming to all?