Student Ventures Academy, powered by GeeLearn, seeks to provide experiential learning opportunities to students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Our organization will combine best practices in eLearning and startup acceleration to develop business and entrepreneurship know-how in our participants. In addition, we strive to develop skills in technology and networking, especially in the digital realm, through programming, software, digital design and media, and social media learning and application to real-world projects. Our programs are designed to provide participants with lifelong knowledge and understanding of how to discover opportunities, test ideas, start and grow new businesses, work in teams, build relationships and partnerships, acquire resources, and strategize for scaling. Besides building such knowledge tools, we quest for the creation and incorporation of new organizations, including businesses and social enterprises, as an output of our programs. Through our online offerings we endeavor to reach, teach, and motivate eligible participants wherever they are located in the world. Gapper have the option of experiencing and traveling the globe as Digital Nomads. We will serve a diverse audience while molding our participants to behave in inclusive modes, value equality, and make new global citizens in the process.