StudVent offers a few opportunities for our interested visitors and student-entrepreneurs.  We have our over own Entrepreneurship Club, the “StudVent e-Club” which is a chapter of the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO).  Joining it gives you the benefits our virtual club as well as all of the resources provided by CEO to its student members across the globe. Learn more about the club:

CEO at Student Ventures / StudVent e-Club

Lifograph Community

We have also partnered with Lifograph. This is a Silicon Valley networking platform that describes itself as the “Wiki of People” and currently has over 7 million profiles and 4 million connections. Students can join our community in Lifograph for free, and this is a good way to link into Silicon Valley mentors, investors, and organizations.  “Explore the profiles of people and organizations in Silicon Valley and beyond — startups, founders, angel investors, venture capitalists, companies, executives, brands, professionals, and more…”

Clubs, Societies and Organizations

If your college or university has its own entrepreneurship club or society or related organization, we encourage you to join it too.  You’ll join a community of like-minded students, make lifelong friends, and have fun as well. Most if not all of these organizations offer leadership opportunities too, so you can develop these skills as you develop as an entrepreneur and businessperson. We maintain a database of entrepreneurship clubs and societies at colleges and universities around the globe, and also list other organizations that are not related to higher education as well. If you find that your university or college club/society is not listed, please contact us and we’ll add it:  info (at) studvent (dot) com.

Entrepreneurship Clubs and Societies

Student Newspapers, Radio and Television Stations

We encourage students to participate in journalism.  If you are interested in learning how to be a journalist, radio announce or television personality, you may consider joining your university or college newspaper, radio station or television production studio. We maintain a database of these organizations which can be found here. Besides learning and performing an important service as a journalist or supporter of such, you’ll join a keen community, have fun, and make friends too.   If you do not see your college or university listed but know that it has one of these organizations, please contact us to let us now and we’ll get it listed:  Info (at) studvent (dot) com.

Social Media