StudVent has formed a partnership with Lifograph, known as “The Wiki of People”. LifoGraph is “All About the Startups” and is an online networking platform that is specialized for the startup community. Lifograph was cofounded by Wharton Angel and serial entrepreneur Dea Wilson, and is based in Silicon Valley. Currently we are able to offer a free subscription to our members.


Wiki of People: search engine and networking platform for people and companies

Lifograph video from its crowdfunding campaign on Wefunder

Lifograph is building the world’s largest wiki of people and relationship map in order to quickly match people and companies with each other, based on their needs, skills, and real-life relationships. We are building a search engine that aggregates public data, news and user-generated content in order to help people and companies find customers, investors, employees, partners, service providers, etc. Users connect on our Lifograph platform by building networks around their needs and skills.

Lifograph interview with Dea Wilson

Romanian Entrepreneur Dea Wilson of Lifograph – in Romanian

Benefits include:

  • Create your own online profile to share and connect with other StudVent members, entrepreneurship clubs, and other organizations
  • Communicate with connections such as other StudVent members globally
  • Learn about and attend events, both online and face-to-face
  • Connect with other entrepreneurs, angel investors, and venture capitalists in the Silicon Valley and beyond. Lifograph visualizes your network and helps you quickly see who knows who.
  • Seek and find mentors and advisors
  • Browse and post “Lifoposts”
  • Create and post your own events
  • Sign up your own organizations, such as your entrepreneurship club or society, and create a presence for connections

Before you sign up for the StudVent community on Lifograph, you will first need to have a Linkedin account. If you do not already have one, you do so by signing up to Linkedin here and creating what is essentially an online CV or resume:

Once you have created a Linkedin account, you can sign up for the StudVent Community using this link:

Once you are signed up with Lifograph, make sure to connect with and follow StudVent organization “Lifopage” by clicking the “+” sign under the logo.

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