International Student Entrepreneurship Photography Contest

Sponsored by the Student Ventures Academy and SV e-Club

Deadline for Submissions:  February 1st, 2021

Winners Announced: March 1st, 2021

Student Ventures (“StudVent”) is seeking student photographers who wish to participate in an international photography contest. This contest starts immediately and submissions will close on February 1st, 2021.

Prize:  $500.00 for the Winning Entry

Student contestants must be currently enrolled in an accredited college or university and can be any level from undergraduate to postgraduate. Student photographers must take original photographs and enter them according to the themes below. Student photographers must be members of the Student Ventures Entrepreneurship Club (SVEC) aka “SV e-Club” or become new members before submission of their entry.  Membership for the first year is free.

Student photographers will submit photos in alignment with our main theme and subtheme as noted below.

Main Theme:  Student Entrepreneurship in Colleges and Universities

Subthemes of focus for this contest:

  • Student Entrepreneurs
  • Student Entrepreneurial teams
  • Student Entrepreneurial Infrastructure
  • Tools of Student Entrepreneurs
  • Student entrepreneurship Ecologies
  • Student entrepreneur Places
  • Student Startup Dogs
  • Student Startup Pets
  • Student Venture Capital Funds
  • Alumni Angel Investors
  • Alumni Entrepreneurs
  • Alumni-Student Entrepreneur Interaction
  • University Startups
  • University Spinouts
  • University or College Incubators
  • University or College Accelerators
  • Community in Student Entrepreneurship
  • Global Environment or Connections
  • Student Social Enterprises

Rules, Requirements, Terms, Conditions and DIE:

Student photographer must be currently registered students at an accredited college or university.  Undergraduate, postgraduate, Masters, Law, Medicine, MBA, MFA, and PhD students are all welcome to enter the contest. Student photographers will submit photos in alignment with our main theme and a subtheme of their choice.


Student agrees to share copyright on all photographic entries. Student contestant agrees that the content produced will be shared in the public commons. StudVent may choose to use any submitted work on its websites or network of websites, or with other partners.

Specifically, the content will be placed in the Creative Commons (CC) under the Attribution-ShareAlike known as CC BY-SA .  You can view the license here  Learn more about Creative Commons here:

With this creative license above, Student Ventures has the right to use any photographs entered into the contest at any time.

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (DIE)

Student Ventures does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, gender, gender preference, nationality, religion, age, or geographic region. We value diversity and seek to include all students in our activities and contests. Student photographers should not enter photographs of themselves or their families in order that we ensure a level and equitable evaluation platform.


The winner(s) will be announced within one month of the contest close and paid within one month of this announcement. We prefer PayPal as a payment method. The winner(s) may also choose to donate the funds to the charity of their choice.


Student photographer contestants must be members of Student Ventures Entrepreneurship Club (SVEC), also known as the “”SV e-Club to participate. Membership is free to students at all levels including undergraduate, postgraduate, masters. Law, Medicine, MBA, MFA, and PhD.  Students may follow this link and sign up for the SVEC for a free one year’s membership, Click here.


Student photographer contestants agree to be interviewed by StudVent about their winning photographic work, and will be asked qualitative questions about inspiration and choice of scene;  technical questions about technology, camera, and lighting; personal questions about background, motivation, life goals and near-term plans for developing their careers or exploring their hobby as a photographer. Winners of the International Student Entrepreneurship Photography Contest will be featured in press release along with their work.