StudVent is all about student ventures: student-led startups from academic institutions all over the world.

The team at StudVent perceives that while there is a growing interest and an increase in resources for student entrepreneurship on campuses around the globe, it remains hard to find and learn more about the numerous actual student startup companies founded in the dorm rooms, boot camps, hackathons, accelerators, and incubators at universities. We believe that there is much to be gained by unearthing the thousands of student startups that abound on our campuses.

We seek to build awareness of student-started companies by giving them a platform to tell the world what they are doing and what they need to grow their companies.  Our mission also entails bringing resources, customers, team members and partners to these student-founded companies. 

We cover student startups at the undergraduate, masters, MBA, PhD and Post-doc levels from higher educational institutions from around the globe.

StudVent has chosen to focus on student entrepreneurs for various reasons found below. These are but a few…

The opportunities and challenges of student startups presented above are why StudVent exists.  

Draft Pitch Deck for Student Ventures