StudVent seeks to establish a virtual law clinic in order to assist student entrepreneurs in the founding and operation of their ventures, including corporate governance.  Student entrepreneurs lack the resources for legal advice early in the startup stages, and this has been identified by researchers as a crucial gap issue. We seek to help bridge this gap here at StudVent.

In order to do such, we are seeking current students in law schools to offer their expertise and services pro bono.  We seek to offer both open office hours as well as pre-scheduled appoints to bona fide student entrepreneurs that are members of the StudVent site.

We are also interested in working with Law Schools at universities who would have an interest in partnership serving student entrepreneurs across specific geographies. Some law schools may not have a relationship with current university entrepreneurship center, or wish to expand its offerings to others.

StudVent is also seeking partnerships with current law firms that would be willing to offer legal service on a pro bono basis to bona fide early stage student entrepreneurs. We realize that such engagements could lead to future business for legal professionals, but we ask that a minimum amount of time be allocated to advise student ventures on a pro bono basis.

Expression of Interest

Otherwise, contact Michael