Girard’s DelGarbino taking ‘gap year’ at Princeton due to pandemic uncertainty

GIRARD, Ohio (WKBN) –  Jack DelGarbino was a force to reckoned with as a high school wrestler at Girard and has since taken those talents to the Division 1 level at Princeton. Two years ago, he capped off a perfect 49-0 season with a Heavyweight State Title in Columbus as a junior. After graduating atop his class at Girard, he wrapped up his first year in the Ivy League this spring.

Taking a gap year boosts chances of achieving first class degree, figures reveal as universities fear thousands will avoid higher education this year after coronavirus

Taking a gap year boosts the chances of achieving a first-class degree, according to new figures – as universities fear thousands will avoid higher education this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Data from the Annual Population Survey compiled by the Office for National Statistics examined the outcomes of under-35s with a degree, depending on whether or not they had deferred their university courses.

Faculty grow uneasy as universities scramble to bring students back to campus

As colleges and universities announce plans to bring students back for the fall, many are encountering resistance from professors who are wary of returning to the classroom, fearful that the health risks may be too high and that teaching face-to-face and online at the same time may be ineffective. Faculty members say their concerns have been sidelined, as institutions — in an effort to keep students and families happy and minimize potential financial losses — have promised a robust slate of in-person classes.

Cornell Aims to Make Announcement on Fall Semester in Early July

Cornell University administration now expects to announce a decision on the state of fall semester instruction in early July. President Martha E. Pollack wrote in an April 22 email that an announcement on the fall semester would not come before the three reactivation committees completed their work. The teaching reactivation and preparation for online teaching committees submitted their reports to the president on June 15. The research reactivation committee turned in its report on May 15, and the findings were publicized one week later.

A College Reality Check

Good morning. John Bolton’s book harshly criticizes the president. A former Atlanta police officer is charged with murder. And the Trump administration exits crisis mode on the coronavirus. Let’s start with the problems for colleges hoping to reopen.

The Current Plight of International Students

Kavita Daiya explains why American colleges need to help international students (and their own bottom lines) now.

Kavita Daiya
 June 16, 2020

Many colleges and universities in the United States are worried today about how the pandemic is significantly altering the place and role of international students on their campus. But as a faculty member and international scholar, I’m seeing too many colleges frame the issue the wrong way. Many of them tend to be asking, “How will we survive financially if international students don’t arrive in the fall?” rather than “How can we help our international students survive this crisis?”

Can Faculty Be Forced Back on Campus?

Until an effective vaccine is widely available, it is impossible for any college to be completely safe from Covid-19. Yet many institutions are planning to resume residential life in August. Much has been written about protecting students, but we also need to ask: If faculty members decide that it is too risky to return to campus, do they have the right to work from home?

Gap year? These Port Moody men take it to an extreme

A gap year can be a way to mature, study options and develop skills and interests before jumping into college, university or a technology institute. But for three Port Moody men a one-year sabbatical after graduating from Heritage Woods has resulted in a documentary about glaciers and could, if widely seen, rally international concern about B.C.’s diminishing ice fields.

MBA Classes This Fall: Daily Temperature Checks, Masks, Plexiglass & Smaller Classes

If you want to know what it will be like for MBAs who return to campus this fall, look no further than the Institute for Management Development (IMD) which re-opened in-person classes today for the first time in nearly three months since the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the campus on March 13th. The resumption of classes was made surreal by the myriad precautionary measures put in place to ensure the safety of the students, staff and faculty. Every student who arrived on the school’s Lausanne, Switzerland, campus this morning had their identity verified and their temperature checked.

A Gap Year Shouldn’t Be Just For The Privileged, Especially Now

With Covid-19 leading many colleges to create novel arrangements for schooling in the fall, students are reportedly considering taking gap years at record rates. Many, including me, have encouraged the practice—not just during the current time, but more generally—as an important step for students to discover their passions, purpose, and how they can contribute in the world so that they enter college with a clear sense of why they are enrolled, which will boost their odds of success.