Alexis Ohanian’s new Seven Seven Six fund just picked the first 3 members of its program to train new VC investors

After three months and 1,100 applications, venture fund Seven Seven Six has named the first three participants in its “operators in residence” program, the fund’s bid to help tech professionals from a variety of backgrounds make the move into a career in venture capital investing.

Startups seek to breathe new life into stagnant wheelchair industry

For years, cars have gotten smarter and seemingly safer as companies loaded them up with sensors, cameras and connectivity. Scooters and bikes soon followed. But what about wheelchairs? Startups are vying to enhance the lives of those living with mobility challenges by adding artificial intelligence to wheelchairs. The thought is that computer vision and intelligent braking tools can make the devices safer and easier to operate. A few firms are gaining traction, so wheelchairs of the future may be able to do more than move people from one place to another.

Why Aren’t Progressives Focused on Earn-While-You-Learn Models?

When I was the same age my kids are now, I was a giant Carl Sagan fan. Cosmos had begun airing on PBS, and for my birthday there was just one thing I wanted: a $50 donation to the Buffalo PBS affiliate. That was the only way to get the not-available-in-any-store (especially not a Canadian store) Cosmos companion book featuring lots of photos of Cornell’s least modest professor of astronomy and space sciences. My friends got Gretzky jerseys so they could skate like stars, but this nerd wanted Cosmos because we’re all star stuff (especially Carl).

Ottawa eyes B.C. coastline for new economic vision

The federal government wants to hear from British Columbians on what they want in an ambitious new plan for the province’s ocean territory that has the potential to change the provincial economic landscape. The national Blue Economy Strategy (BES) is to position the country as a global leader in ocean-based economies that create middle-class jobs while pushing for healthier oceans and sustainable ocean industries.

As Twitter’s Stock Soars, Employee Bonuses Drop

Twitter has told its employees that they will receive a sliver of their corporate bonus target for 2020—just 7%—after the company missed its internal revenue and profit goals amid the pandemic, according to two people with direct knowledge of the decision.


The burger giant has promised to hire more women and people from underrepresented groups in leadership roles and plans to reach gender parity by the end of 2030. McDonald’s, facing mounting charges of discrimination in the U.S., on Thursday vowed to increase the diversity of its leadership team and will tie executive bonuses to the hiring of women and people from underrepresented groups.

Student founders can get $15,000 to work on their startup over the summer

The Summer Founders program will be all-virtual in summer 2021 and is now accepting applications. The program provides $15,000 to entrepreneurial teams with at least one Penn State student founder from any campus to work on their startup, social good, or nonprofit idea over the summer. 2021 Summer Founders application deadline: Feb. 14. Apply online today. Teams will be selected on March 14.

Support for self isolation must be a top priority, say experts

Government action needed now to reduce infections and deaths

Helping people to self isolate after testing positive for covid-19 must now be a top priority for the UK government, argue experts in The BMJ today. Dr Muge Cevik at the University of St Andrews and colleagues say the focus should be on those working in high exposure occupations, living in overcrowded housing, or without a home, and should include free and safe accommodation alongside adequate income support, job protection, and help with caring responsibilities.

The Gender Wealth Gap: Why We Need More Women to Invest and to Invest in More Women

How does one generate wealth? A look at the Forbes Billionaire list tells a compelling narrative that wealth is predominantly generated through either entrepreneurship or investing. While entrepreneurs like Oprah Winfrey and Jeff Bezos, and investors like Warren Buffett and Abby Johnson are extreme outliers in their profession, this occupation breakdown would look similar for centimillionaires, decamillionaires and millionaires.

Cornell startup wins NFL innovation competition

As millions of football fans eagerly await this year’s Super Bowl, two Cornellians have already scored a victory in another competition hosted by the National Football League. Organic Robotics Corporation, a Cornell startup founded in 2018, won the sixth annual NFL 1st & Future competition, which aired Feb. 2 on the NFL Network.