Keith Gill Drove the GameStop Reddit Mania. He Talked to the Journal.

BOSTON—The investor who helped direct the world’s attention to GameStop, leading a horde of online followers in a bizarre market rally that made and lost fortunes from one day to the next, says he’s just a normal guy. “I didn’t expect this,” said Keith Gill, 34 years old, known as “DeepF—ingValue” by fans on Reddit’s WallStreetBets forum and “Dada” by his 2-year-old daughter. He said he didn’t set out to draw the attention of Congress, the Federal Reserve, hedge funds, the media, trading platforms and hundreds of thousands of investors.


A novel, patent-pending video compression technology developed by researchers from Florida Atlantic University’s College of Engineering and Computer Science was recently acquired by Japanese industry giant Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. From YouTube to Netflix to Zoom, video compression technology is critical for streaming video applications to generate high-quality video. Video compression reduces the video file size to enable transmission with no discernible loss of quality and also is instrumental for other video platforms such as telemedicine, drones and autonomous vehicles. 

Kallas becomes Estonia’s first female PM, far right out of government

VILNIUS (Reuters) – Kaja Kallas of the centre-right Reform party became Estonia’s first female prime minister on Monday after parliament approved her nomination following predecessor Juri Ratas’ resignation over an inquiry into a property development. Her cabinet will take its oath of office on Tuesday, marking the end of the far-right EKRE party’s spell in the governing coalition in the European Union nation of 1.3 million people.

An Estonian hackathon transformed into a global movement

At the initiative of some enterprising Estonians, the international technology community will be attending a hackathon, The Global Hack, from 9-12 April, with over one million expected participants. The goal of the four-day technology marathon is to create solutions that help people stop the spread of coronavirus and stimulate the economy. In mid-March, immediately after an emergency situation was declared in Estonia, the public and private sector organised a two-day online hackathon to help deal with the crisis.

Why More Startups And VCs Are Finally Pursuing the Menopause Market: ‘$600B Is Not ‘Niche’’

In the field of women’s health, much of the medical advancement until now has been focused on birth control and fertility treatments, but startups and venture capitalists are increasingly turning to menopause as an area ripe for innovation. By 2025, 1.1 billion women are expected to be postmenopausal. The space represents $600 billion of spending opportunity but is still largely untapped by startups and brands that could be creating new products and services for these women, according to data from early-stage investing firm Female Founders Fund.

The Most Disruptive MBA Startups Of 2020

Ideas are cheap. Execution is everything. Focus on problems. Keep it simple. And whatever you do, don’t strive for perfection or ask for permission. Those startup lessons are taught in every MBA program. Here’s Rule #1: Know your customer. That lesson was taken to heart by Nikhil Agarwal and Chris Abkarians. Three years ago, they were accepted into Harvard Business School. Like their peers, they felt a mix of euphoria and sticker shock. After all, HBS comes with a $221,480 price tag – minimum – over two years. As the saying goes, pain presents opportunity. Over group chat, Agarwal and Abkarians pitched an idea to future HBS classmates. They would pursue bulk student loans with lenders and pass the discounts onto their classmates.

Global VC Report 2020: Funding And Exits Blow Past 2019 Despite Pandemic Headwinds

Startups closed out 2020 in a much stronger position than the one they started the year in, with global venture funding up 4 percent year over year to $300 billion. That growth came as industries disrupted by the global pandemic—work, health care, education, finance, shopping and entertainment—shifted dramatically to online services. That, in turn, created a boom for tech infrastructure and cloud services companies supporting this transfer, leading to a strong IPO and M&A market as companies sought to consolidate and compete. 

Lender Affirm Prices IPO Above Range to Raise $1.2 billion

Affirm Holdings Inc., which provides installment loans to online shoppers, priced its U.S. initial public offering above its marketed range to raise $1.2 billion.

Lovevery co-founder named Cornell Entrepreneur of the Year

Entrepreneurship at Cornell has named Jessica Rolph ’97, MBA ’04, co-founder and CEO of early childhood development startup Lovevery, its 2021 Cornell Entrepreneur of the Year. Rolph will be honored at the Entrepreneurship at Cornell Eclectic Convergence conference, Nov. 12 in New York City.