Work on ocean hub to begin next year with appointment of chief executive

The work to establish an ocean innovation hub in Greater Victoria that will develop new companies focused on the water and create 1,000 new jobs will start next year with the appointment of a chief executive and the start of a fundraising campaign.

Indian student’s startup wins recognition in Singapore

A 19-year-old Indian student in Singapore is keeping his options open on a startup he has built with four applications in his teenage while schooling. While keeping up with his schooling for a diploma in business administration at Singapore Polytechnic, Harsh Dalal, as CEO, has built 120-employee Team Labs’ business across eight cities.

Ohio State students’ startup develops sustainable alternative to portable power generators

With an idea sparked by observing Buckeye football game tailgates, four students at The Ohio State University have developed a battery pack, delivery system and mobile app to replace emissions-heavy gas generators as a portable power source. Their startup company, Electrion, already has attracted investors to commercialize their energy storage as a service (ESaaS) innovation.

Startup Events In January: Global Student Entrepreneur Awards

We bring you the latest edition of upcoming startup events this month and registration details for events, summits and webinars that are worth attending.

Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA)

Organised by the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), and proudly running in its 22nd year globally, The Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) is an endeavour to help dynamic young student entrepreneurs realise their entrepreneurial dreams. EO Gurgaon is organising the regional round of the GSEA for the second consecutive year.

25 UNDER 25

These are some of the brightest young minds in the Bay State right now.

They say you’re never too old to follow your dreams. You’re never too young, either. Here are the 25 Under 25.

[Funding alert] DU students’ startup Metvy raises pre-series round from HostelFund

Metvy is a professional networking app focused on the youth population, and also has a multilingual feature. Metvy, a multilingual professional networking app for the youth founded by Shawrya Mehrota and Rajan Luthra, who graduated from Delhi University this year, has raised an undisclosed pre-series round of funding from HostelFund.

Amazon will acquire Wondery, the startup behind popular podcasts like ‘Dr. Death’ and ‘Dirty John,’ in a deal reportedly worth $300 million

Just months after launching podcasts on its Amazon Music platform, Amazon announced on Wednesday that it will acquire the podcast startup Wondery. “Together with Wondery, we hope to accelerate the growth and evolution of podcasts by bringing creators, hosts, and immersive experiences to even more listeners across the globe, just as we do with music,” Amazon said in the press release announcing the acquisition.

For Tony Fadell, the future of startups is connected and sustainable

Tony Fadell can’t stop thinking about what’s next in tech.

The man credited with creating the iPod, building the iPhone and founding the smart-home company, Nest, had tried to retire before he started his latest venture, Future Shape, but found that retirement didn’t really take.

So the 51-year-old designer, engineer and investor, together with a core group of collaborators, has spent the last three years staking out the shape of the future of tech with a slew of public and undisclosed investments. Fadell’s bets track to personal obsessions (he’s an investor in the website for the watch-obsessed, Hodinkee) and what he sees as the next waves in technological innovation.

Q: What do startups REALLY get out of an accelerator?  A: Protection

Why bother to join an accelerator? It was a fair question to ask the six companies that took part in the first-ever accelerator programme run by the pet food company Purina. Most of them were already working with Purina in some form when they were recruited for the 6-month Unleashed programme.

5 New Year’s resolutions every entrepreneur should make

At last, we’re headed into another new year! Most of us just want to forget 2020 and hope that 2021 fulfils the promises of economic recovery. January 1st is always seen as new opportunity and below, you will find 5 New Year’s resolutions that are perfect for entrepreneurs to start off the year on the right direction.