TikTok Star and Entrepreneur: A Look into an Incoming First-Year Dyson Student

The entirety of the Class of 2024 endured a months-long college application process before landing at Cornell. For Jessica Zhang ’24, this journey was a public one, displayed on her TikTok profile for hundreds of thousands to watch. With more than 500,000 followers and over 8 million total likes on her account, Cornell’s Class of 2024 includes at least one growing TikTok star. Zhang rose to social media fame through sharing her college admissions journey, which ended in her acceptance to Cornell’s Dyson School of Applied Economics of Management.

Scottish universities are facing a £500m funding black hole

Scotland’s universities are facing a £500 million funding ‘black hole’, according to estimates from the sector. And the principal of one of the leading universities has warned that its finances are under “serious threat.” University of Edinburgh principal Petter Mathieson said in a BBC interview with that the University of Edinburgh’s income could drop by up to £150 million as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

63.4% of students ‘would seriously consider’ leave of absence if fall is online, USG report finds

According to a campus-wide survey conducted in early May by the Undergraduate Student Government (USG),  63.4 percent of student respondents said they would seriously consider taking a leave of absence or a gap year if the fall semester were held remotely and online.

Colleges Worry They’ll Be Sued if They Reopen Campuses

College presidents tell Vice President Pence that being shielded from lawsuits if students get sick would make them likelier to physically reopen their campuses. Wednesday afternoon, 14 college presidents from around the country gathered in front of their computers. On their screens they saw their peers, along with Vice President Mike Pence and U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who asked what they needed to reopen their campuses in the fall.

Nick Kokonas on Resurrecting Restaurants, Skin in the Game, and Investing (#429)

“My dad used to run his own business. He was only high school educated. Every time I tried to complicate things when I was in college and I’d talk to him about his business, he would be like, ‘It’s three shoeboxes, Nick. It’s the money in, the money out, and then the third box is what paid for your college.’ That’s the money that’s left over.” — Nick Kokonas

Restaurant and bar owners say social distancing could wipe out their industry

The US state of Georgia allowed restaurants to reopen on April 27. The three owned by Ryan Pernice are still shuttered.The entrepreneur hasn’t opened his restaurants, Table & Main, Osteria Mattone and Coalition Food & Beverage, since March 16. Pernice is worried about the health of his employees and customers, but there’s another reason the restaurants are still shut down: They can’t make a profit with social distancing rules in place.

The Pandemic Helped Topple Two Retailers. So Did Private Equity.

J. Crew and Neiman Marcus were each facing a host of issues before the coronavirus pandemic forced them to close their stores and eventually file for bankruptcy, including trouble adjusting to the rise of e-commerce and a lack of connection with a new generation of shoppers.

Venture builder model vs. venture capital, what are the differences and advantages?

The venture builder model is growing. It seems to be better than venture capital. Whilst both have their merits, venture builders are more enabling and beneficial for a promising startup, especially one which lack expertise of a certain area. It is no news that the chances of getting Venture Capital funding is getting tougher and tougher. Actual hard results are, more often than not, required before a Venture Capital would commit. Today, digital technology has lowered startup cost. Therefore entrepreneurs find it difficult to justify raising fund solely based on business expense and hiring.

What is a Venture Builder?

We use the term „venture builder” quite often. No wonder — we are one and we believe this is the future of how new products and businesses will be created, developed and grown. But what does it really mean?

Venture builder is a company that creates its own enterprises. We start with an idea and transform it into a fast growing product and, most of all, business.