Marcel Gehrung: the many hats of an entrepreneur at home

Marcel Gehrung, a CRUK PhD student at the CRUK Cambridge Institute, is writing up his thesis, setting up a spin-out company and supporting the response to the COVID-19 crisis by 3D printing PPE visors and developing a social distancing app. His company supports the implementation of the Cytosponge, a minimally invasive method that aids the early detection of oesophageal cancer. In this interview, Marcel tells us how he has kept up his entrepreneurial spirit, resilience and positivity about the future during this time.

Harvinder Power named Global Champion at the 2020 Global Student Entrepreneur Awards

Founder of Motics and studentpreneur from the United Kingdom wins the first-ever virtual global finals

Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), a high-quality support network of 14,000+ like-minded leaders across 61 countries, has awarded the title of Global Champion to Harvinder Power from the United Kingdom, at the 2020 Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA).

Tech CEO Antitrust Showdown With Congress Set for Wednesday

Chief executives of Inc.Facebook Inc.Alphabet Inc. and Apple Inc. will testify before a rescheduled congressional hearing on antitrust in Big Tech at noon on July 29, according to an announcement from the House Judiciary Committee. The hearing with Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai and Tim Cook was postponed from July 27 because of plans to honor the late civil rights icon John Lewis at the Capitol.

Here’s why 90% of rich people squander their fortunes

Most rich people don’t stay rich forever. About seven in 10 wealthy families lose their fortune by the second generation, according to a study of more than 3,200 high-net worth families by the Williams Group wealth consultancy. By the third generation that number has jumped to 90%. Michael Cole — the president of Ascent Private Capital Management at U.S. Bank who has worked with clients worth $75 million or more for decades now — says he knows why. 

Ro, a 3-year-old online health provider, just raised a new round that values it at $1.5 billion

Ro, an online health start-up, has built a big business by asking consumers to pay cash to help alleviate many of the most common medical complaints without having to visit a doctor in person.

Young Entrepreneur: Asha Banks launches company that makes diverse and inclusive greeting cards

Asha Banks launches company that makes diverse and inclusive greeting cards. “Things are not being created with us in mind. I want to stop making us settle for things that were not created for us.”

A Vaccine Reality Check

Nearly five months into the pandemic, all hopes of extinguishing COVID-19 are riding on a still-hypothetical vaccine. And so a refrain has caught on: We might have to stay home—until we have a vaccine. Close schools—until we have a vaccine. Wear masks—but only until we have a vaccine. During these months of misery, this mantra has offered a small glimmer of hope. Normal life is on the other side, and we just have to wait—until we have a vaccine.

Overseas students a boon for UK university start-ups

Research finds almost 60% have founders who came from other countries to study in the UK

Student Journalism Has Never Been More Critical. Attend Our Virtual Reporting Workshop

It’s a hectic time to be covering colleges. University presidents and administrators are feverishly designing plans to bring students back to their campuses — or install a respectable online-learning plan. Faculty members are assembling syllabi and course plans, not knowing what form their instruction will take week to week. And students are forced to navigate public-health directives, campus policies, and their own personal needs. What will higher education look like when a desire for normalcy clashes with an unrelenting virus?

The Imaginative Educator Awards 2020

SIE wants to recognise and celebrate the work of the educators and advisors who not only adapted quickly to the massive disruption caused by the current pandemic but who are also already reimagining the future of learning for the next academic year and beyond. It is doing this by launching the Imaginative Educator Awards as part of its Summer Festival of Innovation 2020.