Staying creative during hard times—and why it matters now more than ever

Art and creativity is something that unites us all. It spans across continents, generations, and millennia. As humans, we have been fostering our creativity long before we had language, and before we could express ourselves in any other way. Cave paintings, shell beads, and primitive statues morphed over centuries into masterpieces by the likes of Michaelangelo, Mozart, and Charles Dickens.

Listen Up! Here’s Your Guide To European Tech And Startup Podcasts In English

By Andrii Degeler, journalist and podcast host based in the Netherlands. Covering all things technology since 2007 for, Engadget, TNW, Ars Technica UK, the Kyiv Post and more. Podcasting has seen significant growth in popularity over the past couple of years, both from listeners and from people launching new shows. It’s never been easier to start a podcast (with an obligatory newsletter to come with it if you want to be in trend).

WU | Coming of Age as a Student Journalist

Last week, I was going through some old google drive folders and found my journalism pieces from high school. Wow. I hope my future employers never see them. By my college-self’s standards, my high school writing ranges from barely passable to absolutely atrocious. While I can opine about anything in my column now, I generally try to stick to topics relevant to myself or the Cornell community. Back then, I could really write anything—from a comprehensive review of Princeton’s ice cream scene to an opinion piece titled “Technology or Technotogy” (yes, I actually wrote that) to a more serious piece on the racial divide in my school district.

Trains, planes, rockets and skincare – Scotland’s innovative students lead the way

Scotland’s status as a hotbed for innovative new ideas has been underlined as the winners of the Scottish Institute for Enterprise Catalyst Award are announced today (17 June 2020). Four students from Scottish universities have been awarded an equal share of a £16,000 cash prize and will now go on to receive two years of dedicated support from leading advisors as they accelerate their business start-ups.


Astrobotic’s Griffin lunar lander to carry the NASA VIPER mission to the south pole of the Moon in 2023, as a precursor to a human landing

Pittsburgh, PA – Astrobotic, the world’s leading lunar logistics service provider, has been selected by NASA to deliver the Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover, or VIPER, to the south pole of the Moon in 2023. Astrobotic will provide an end-to-end delivery for VIPER on board the company’s Griffin lunar lander through a $199.5 million contract awarded under the NASA Commercial Lunar Payload Services program, or CLPS. Griffin’s delivery of VIPER will be Astrobotic’s second CLPS delivery, following the company’s Peregrine lander delivery in 2021.

New Zealand welcomes fans at stadiums after last COVID-19 patient recovers

More than 20,000 fans packed into Forsyth Barr Stadium in Dunedin, New Zealand, on Saturday to watch a Super Rugby game between the Otago Highlanders and the Waikato Chiefs. There was no social distancing. No required masks. People were hugging and sharing beers. It was the first time New Zealanders had been allowed back in any stadium to watch live sports, and fans were euphoric.

Will Shift to Remote Teaching Be Boon or Bane for Online Learning?

Because of COVID-19, most professors and students suddenly find themselves forced to use technology as they teach and learn. A panel of experts explores whether that will help or hurt attitudes about online education.

Doug Lederman
 March 18, 2020

Eight UCT student entrepreneurs in regional competition

It was game on as budding University of Cape Town (UCT) student entrepreneurs went head to head during the internal round of the Entrepreneurship Intervarsity competition, which took place between 25 and 29 May, sending eight participants to the regional leg of the competition. UCT’s top student entrepreneurs will battle it out with their entrepreneurially minded counterparts from Stellenbosch University, the University of the Western Cape (UWC), Cape Peninsula University of Technology and the University of South Africa.

Brain injury detection device wins Student Entrepreneur Award

University College Cork student Mark O’Sullivan has won top prize at the Student Entrepreneur Awards 2020 for a device that helps detect brain injuries in newborns. Mark O’Sullivan has won the top prize at Enterprise Ireland’s Student Entrepreneur Awards 2020 for his Neurobell medical device. O’Sullivan developed Neurobell to support early detection and monitoring of brain injuries in newborns. 

Football fans will help fill empty stadiums with noise as tech startup will broadcast audio streams of people cheering and booing during the game while watching at home

The first NFL game is set feature the Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium, but due to social distancing only a limited number of fans will be present – leaving much of the stadium empty. Now, a tech startup is set to revive the experience with a new innovation called ‘Hear me Cheer.’ Designed by Champ Trax, the free website app compiles audio streams of remote fans cheering and booing during a game, and plays the sound in the stadium and over the television broadcast.