Sentropy emerges from stealth with an AI platform to tackle online abuse, backed by $13M from Initialized and more

Online abuse in its many forms on social media is in the spotlight these days as it has never been before: Not only can strong and hateful words be directly harmful to individuals, but their use fans the flames around hate groups and other extremists, fomenting even stronger (and often tragic) responses offline, too. Today, a startup called Sentropy that believes it has developed the most sophisticated, yet easy to implement, system yet to help identify, track and ultimately purge online abuse by way of its AI-based platform, is launching to take on the issue.

Customer Surveys Are No Substitute for Actually Talking to Customers

I’ll never forget the questionnaire handed to me midway through a flight from Los Angeles to Sydney. It was massive. Page after page of detailed tick-the-box or circle-the-response questions – it seemed to me it would take the full 13-hour flight to complete. I started, but it was too much work and I abandoned it halfway through. I thought to myself: does management really believe they get valid and reliable data from these surveys?

Converge Announces 2020 Cohort

Praise for Academic Community’s ‘indomitable Spirit’ despite Lockdown Fears as 2020 Converge Cohort is Announced

As the fight against Covid-19 reaches a crucial tipping point, Scotland’s academic community has rallied to create a host of transformational business ideas for Converge, Scotland’s premier company creation programme for the Higher Education sector, which this year celebrates its tenth anniversary. Despite the pandemic leading to the widespread closure of all Scotland’s universities and research institutes, a record number of applications were submitted to this year’s Converge programme, and whilst core project areas such technology, life sciences and renewable energy remain as strong as ever, innovation themed around Covid-19 is also represented.

Immediate actions to support and strengthen our community

Dear Cornellians,

Like so many of you, my family and I have been reeling over the events of the past week – events for which words seem inadequate. The images we have seen and the sounds we have heard have horrified us and broken our hearts. We are ashamed of the injustices that are perpetrated in our country, every day, against people of color; and of the reality that 155 years after Cornell was founded to help heal the wounds of a broken nation, that nation is, in many ways, still so badly broken.

Harvard Business School’s Next MBA Class Will Be More Than 200 Students Short

Harvard Business School today (June 2) disclosed that it will enroll an entering class of MBA students this fall that will be more than 200 students shy of its more typical 930-to-940-student cohort. After dipping into its waitlist, the school expects to welcome a class of only 720 students, nearly a quarter less than normal, because many students decided to defer their enrollment by a year or two.

It’s Now or Never

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented upheaval across all industries, with higher education especially impacted. For almost 20 years, online education was more the exception than the rule, yet it took just a few weeks for most colleges and universities to migrate fully to the internet. This rapid transition has laid bare long-standing shortcomings in both higher ed’s value proposition and the means to deliver it.

Five Purdue student startups win more than $100,000 in cash, contributions at Burton D. Morgan Business Model Competition

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Five Purdue University student startups earned a total of $75,000 in cash prizes and another $30,000 in in-kind donations during the 33rd annual Burton D. Morgan Business Model Competition. The competition, held April 24, promoted student entrepreneurship through five months of business model workshops.