Student entrepreneur? One of India’s biggest startup incubators is looking to help your idea scale

According to the National Innovation and Startup Policy 2019 for Students and Faculty, the institutions are required to allocate a minimum of 1 per cent of their total annual budget towards entrepreneurial activities. T-Hub, which is among the biggest startup incubators in India, is now looking to encourage student entrepreneurship. 

Innovative sleep apnea fix takes home $25K prize at University of Washington student startup contest

Ryan Yousefian had an advantage in the 2020 Dempsey Startup Competition for student entrepreneurs in the Pacific Northwest.

The University of Washington student developed an innovative technology to solve a problem that he personally experienced: obstructive sleep apnea.

Student-led companies look to adapt after the pandemic rattles plans

Student entrepreneurs got an early taste of the pandemic’s economic effects on the startup world. As they graduate into a bleak economy, some have already seen funding fall through and business prospects evaporate.

As remote learning continues, student startup looks to connect tutors to students

Last fall, Grant Gregus decided he’d try to make some extra cash by tutoring on the side. He applied to be a Chegg tutor, sending the education site his transcript and information: senior at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, studying physics. A few weeks later, he received a rejection email.

Berkeley startup aims to provide credit cards for students, immigrants

When Kristy Kim graduated from UC Berkeley in 2011, she needed a car to commute to Palo Alto for a finance job. But like many young people and recent immigrants, Kim had no credit history and couldn’t get approved for a loan to purchase a car.

‘The Investment’ student startup TV show taping to take place virtually

For the past three years, WPSU, Penn State University Park’s local NPR affiliate station, and the Pennsylvania Technical Assistance Program (PennTAP) have collaborated to host the statewide Inc.U undergraduate student startup competition. The competition culminates in the six finalists competing head-to-head on the live “Shark Tank-style” TV show, The Investment.

How a Northwestern student startup is revolutionizing handwashing

When Ibraheem Alinur started City Health Tech in 2017, his goal was to address the lack of knowledge about proper handwashing techniques through education and design innovation. The plan was to play the long game, working with Chicago-area schools to educate students about handwashing while prototyping a device that would improve handwashing experience and technique.

Student startup seeks to give incoming students more info about University housing

Moving into a college dorm can be nerve-racking. A student-found startup wants to change the experience. Every Fall Quarter, many students leave home for the first time, not knowing another face in their freshman class. On top of this, they feel the stress of choosing a dorm with little guidance, debating which side of campus to live on and what communities may fit their needs.

Pittsburgh company creates e-textiles that may help monitor patients

Powercast and Liquid X created a new venture to help manufacturers implement wearable sensors directly into garments.

CleanRobotics Sweeps Up the AI Garbage Game with Two New TrashBot Models

Are you smarter than a garbage can? Probably not, according to CleanRobotics co-founder and CEO Charles Yhap. When humans have to decide between the standard two-bin waste format  — recycling versus landfill — “humans are making the choice correctly less than 50 percent of the time.”