MBA Scholarships At Record Levels, With Awards As High As $200K

By any measure, this young female professional hit the scholarship jackpot. Admitted to seven of the world’s top MBA programs, she applied early in round one, with a 740 GMAT score and a 3.6-grade point average on her engineering degree from a liberal arts school on the east coast. She is a caucasian, from the U.S. and working in a non-traditional industry, urban planning, for an MBA student.

Carrying The Torch Of Disruption Forward

Disruption. Normally, this word suggests a negative connotation. The talkative student was disruptive to the rest of the class, or the reckless driver was disruptive to the flow of traffic. lists the following words as related to disruptive: upsetting, disturbing, troublesome, rowdy, troublemaking. Yet this word is used routinely in society and business, often with a positive, or at least neutral, connotation. Why is this? I believe this unusual transformation can be credited to the pioneering work of the late Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen, who in his 1992 Ph.D. thesis developed the theory of disruptive innovation.

5 Berkeley SkyDeck startups that might change the way we live

UC Berkeley is not just one of the best research universities in the world, but also a unique place for entrepreneurs, students and alumni to grow and build their own innovative startups. Many of the ideas are based on issues young entrepreneurs first encountered in Berkeley classes or labs.

These engineers are tapping into the science of learning with their edtech startup, Edwisely

Now, more than ever, there is a pressing need for engineers in India to be constantly skilled and readied for employability, a truth that was not lost on Edwisely’s founders. This was why engineers Kashyap Kompella, Yashwanth Tudimilla, Hanuma Tej, and Harsha Kanakanala, came together to set up their Hyderabad-based edtech startup in 2018. 

Taking the Leap into the Startup World—as a Student

Noah Hill was turning in his physics homework as a first-year student in fall 2016 when he spied a poster advertising a three-day event for Tufts engineering startups. “I had just come to college, and entrepreneurship was all new to me,” he said. He went to the event, and wound up in a group with two older students, Daniel Weinstein, E18, and Saam Borzog, D19. They were exploring a small device that would fit inside a person’s mouth and track the nutritional content of what they were eating.

An entrepreneur finds his way to MIT

Jakub Chudik went to China for the first time on his dad’s business trip. A translator communicated in English, and Chudik translated to Slovak, his father’s native language. Just a few years later, as a rising junior at MIT, Chudik was in China again — this time to pitch his own business to Chinese investors.

Yale students start drone delivery service on campus

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) — A group of students at Yale University has set up a drone delivery service on campus. Kiki Air promises to deliver candy, snacks and other small items to students who place orders through an app. The service is currently being tested using a small group of student customers before being launched campuswide. Developers told the Yale Daily News that users order items from a menu on their phones and receive them at one of several drop locations around campus in a padded envelope attached to a drone.

Billionaire Yusaku Maezawa launches entrepreneur competition offering to invest $91 million

Retail mogul Yusaku Maezawa has launched another competition, offering to invest a total of 10 billion Japanese yen ($91 million) in the businesses of 10 entrepreneurs. The Japanese billionaire announced on Twitter on Friday that he would look to expand the businesses he picked, with the aim of them listing on a stock exchange, according to a translation.

Rebel Venture Fund: Investing in Las Vegas, Opening Doors for Future Business Leaders

Student-led venture capital fund gives students firsthand experience in
investing and engaging with the entrepreneurial community in Las Vegas. RVF is UNLV’s student-led venture capital fund, operated through the Lee Business School. We invest in companies in Southern Nevada, provide support for the community and our portfolio companies, and give students real-world venture capital experiences.