Rachel Zietz ’22, student entrepreneur, named to a Forbes ‘30 Under 30’ List

At the age of 13, Zietz followed in her father’s footsteps and started her own business. Six years later, on Tuesday, Dec. 3, the 19-year-old entrepreneur was named as part of the 2020 class of the Forbes 30 Under 30 List in the Retail and eCommerce category. She was the youngest honoree in that category. The annual list honors “revolutionaries in 20 industries changing the course — and the face — of business and society.”


After more than a decade as a teacher, Dr. Jamey Heit came to a sobering realization about his ability to teach his students how to write. “I wasn’t able to give my students the help they needed,” says Heit. He realized that learning how to write requires a lot of personal attention from teachers — a luxury most educators simply don’t have.

Startup weekend inspires Midwestern student entrepreneurs

On March 23, 2017, Mark Van den Avont, junior in Engineering, broke his spine in a gymnastics accident. It was his parents’ anniversary. The mat he landed on was not sufficient to break his fall. Seven months later, Van den Avont founded HexNest, a startup aiming to create sports mats far safer than the foam…

E*Trade Buys Student Loan Startup Gradifi

Online discount brokerage firm E*TRADE has acquired Gradifi, a student loan benefits and financial wellness provider, E*TRADE announced in a press release on Monday (Dec. 9). Scott Whatley, president of E*TRADE Corporate Services, said that assisting personnel with achieving fiscal prosperity means grappling with student loan debt, “if we hope to set employees up for long-term financial success.”

Are Older Entrepreneurs The Best Entrepreneurs?

When you think of entrepreneurs, you probably think of twenty something men, possibly who have dropped out of university to pursue their dream, and who are uninhibited by the scars of failure that prompt us to take a more cautious path.

The New China Scare

Why America Shouldn’t Panic About Its Latest Challenger

Engagement with a rising China has been far more successful than generally recognized, and it continues to be the best path forward in an age of great-power competition.

An Exclusive Interview with Keivan Shahida, Entrepreneur and Cornell Student

My name is Keivan Shahida. I’m from New York, and I wanted to attend Cornell because I was looking for schools with strong Computer Science programs. I wasn’t looking for just that, as I was also interested in schools that had a strong focus in entrepreneurship and where those programs were really growing — because in high school one of the things I was introduced to that I really enjoyed was product development: building apps (mobile app, web app, or a physical product). I always thought that was super interesting, so I wanted to go to a school where it wasn’t just theory. I wanted a school where it was actually applied as well.

US entrepreneur sets up Oxford scholarship for black UK students

A Silicon Valley entrepreneur is to fund Oxford university’s first dedicated scholarship for disadvantaged black British students, the university has announced.

Aspiring Wesleyan student entrepreneurs to pitch business ideas with eye toward social benefits

“We believe business is a powerful force for positive change in the world and more businesses should be doing things better, and thinking about their social impact as they’re growing,” according to Sarah Bodley, managing director of reSET: Social Enterprise Trust.

Ocean State Update: The Biggest Rhode Island Tech & Startup News From November

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