Meet The Most Disruptive MBA Startups Of 2019

Two MBAs may have an answer. In 2018, Sonny Tai and Ben Ziomek, graduates of the University of Chicago’s Booth School, launched Aegis AI. In the nutshell, their artificial intelligence software turns existing security cameras into smart cameras that can detect guns. As a result, says Ziomek, companies can head off potential gun violence – “without invading privacy.”

Strength in Numbers: How Women From Twitter, Facebook, and Uber Are Teaming Up to Fund Silicon Valley’s Future

In the five years since five Twitter alumnae and one current executive banded together to invest in startups as #Angels, they’ve often heard one comparison: the “PayPal mafia.” A moniker popularized by Fortune in 2007, the nickname refers to the group of Silicon Valley bigwigs—Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, Reid Hoffman, et al.—who came out of the payments platform and used their payouts from its acquisition by eBay to shape the next generation of Silicon Valley startups.

Indian Startup Bellatrix Aerospace Raises $3 Million

An Indian satellite propulsion startup with eventual plans to also build a small launch vehicle has raised $3 million from a group of venture capital investors. Formed in 2015 at the Indian Institute of Science, Bellatrix currently consists of 14 people, but will use the investment to increase that number, co-founder Yashas Karanam told SpaceNews.

Virgin Galactic shares debut as the space tourism company begins trading under the ticker SPCE

Richard Branson’s space tourism company began trading its stock publicly following its merger with Chamath Palihapitiya’s venture

Edinburgh Entrepreneur Raises £1m for Investment Transparency Startup

Investment transparency startup Tumelo has raised £1 million in seed funding from investors including singer-songwriter Peter Gabriel.  Created by Edinburgh native Georgia Stewart, Tumelo is a platform that aims to empower people to invest in companies that align with their personal values.

How do colleges build entrepreneurship capabilities?

Denison answers the question of how colleges can build entrepreneurship skills for students and alumni. Employers and entrepreneurs are finding that liberal arts graduates have what it takes to succeed in today’s professions. As new information from Bloomberg shows, forward-looking executives are investing in creativity and adaptability.

UMass Lowell entrepreneur shares success of startup

LOWELL — Erin Keaney’s “a-ha” moment came in January 2014 when she traveled to India as a University of Massachusetts Lowell student participating in the university’s Global Entrepreneurship …

The World’s Best MBA Programs For Entrepreneurship

In the debut of an innaugural ranking, Washington University’s Olin Business School claims the top spot for the world’s best entrepreneurship program.

The death of distance: The Sabanci Bridge connects two campuses as one

Demir Sabanci, MBA ’99, was honored for his gift that created the Sabanci Bridge, an immersive telepresence technology that connects Ithaca and NYC.