Berry College students will have the opportunity to elevate their entrepreneurial skills with the hiring of a director for the Center for Student Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development. Kevin Renshler, who will begin Oct. 15, has an impressive background in working with students to advance skills in business, creativity and engagement. Most recently, Renshler was the associate director of MiddCORE and professor of practice at Middlebury College.

The Student Debt Crisis Is Crushing Entrepreneurship

In 2011, something unprecedented happened. Student debt levels crossed the $1 trillion mark. To put that in perspective, the average college graduate who took out loans to finance their education from 2007 to 2011 left school with a diploma, a hug from their parents, and $26,500 in student loan debt.

Pittsburgh-based company gets grant to help women entrepreneurs

Pittsburgh-based Innovation Works has received a $50,000 award from the U.S. Small Business Administration to help women entrepreneurs and tech startups. The company was one of 60 winners of the SBA’s annual Growth Accelerator Fund Competition. Accelerators and incubators in 39 states will receive $3 million to support startups and entrepreneurs researching and developing STEM-related innovations, SBA said.

Women Entrepreneurs Get Another Funding Option

No surprise, women entrepreneurs have a harder time raising capital than their male counterparts. However, it is scaling companies — the 1% of companies raising venture capital to grow to be billion-dollar companies — that get all of the media attention. Far more entrepreneurs have more modest growth goals. These companies are more likely to seek loans.

Keep the Spotlight on China’s Entrepreneurs

With the trade war and Hong Kong protests dominating headlines, U.S. and European politicians, businesses and citizens are rightly rethinking China. But pessimism and disillusionment can lead to dismissing valuable lessons that can make our countries, and the world, better off.

Why Women Entrepreneurs Face Difficulty In Raising Funds For Their Startups

Being an entrepreneur is tough. When you are a woman trying to make a mark in a male-dominated space—men constitute 86 per cent of Indian entrepreneurship—the challenges manifold and there are bigger mountains to climb. “People are still apprehensive about a woman running a business. This is true for both, the employees working in the company and investors looking to invest in the business,” said Malika Sadani, Founder and CEO, The Moms co, at the startup summit 2019, powered by Entrepreneur India.

Kauaʻi CC entrepreneurship students in it to win it

Entrepreneurship students at Kauaʻi Community College are making their mark on the national stage. This fall semester, students in Kauaʻi CC’s Principles of Marketing class entered the Student Entrepreneurship Challenge: Solutions for a Sustainable Life, sponsored by the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE) and HP Life (a peer-reviewed Open Educational Resource for students, entrepreneurs and small business owners around the world). The overarching goal of this competition is for students to work on solutions to local challenges that relate to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, specifically Goal #4: Quality Education.

The benefits of setting up a business as a student

Two students who received funding from the Santander Entrepreneurship Awards share the inspiration behind their businesses and how they set them up… Cosi Care is a business that focuses on helping families manage skin disease. Approximately one in five children have eczema and 15 million people in the UK have it.

Second annual innovate UNG student startup contest will send winner to state event

Dr. Ruben Boling is in search of more students with innovations that could turn into a business. The director of the University of North Georgia’s (UNG) Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation will hold the innovateUNG 2020 student startup contest on Feb. 25. Registration opens Nov. 16 for students who would like to compete.

Hollard empowers student entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial skills