Summer wants to vanquish student loans for borrowers, and now has $10M to do it

$1.5 trillion. That’s the amount of outstanding student loan debt held by American citizens according to the New York Fed. It is an astronomical sum, and has led to much hand-wringing about whether there is a coming bubble in U.S. higher education.

Meg Reilly ’12 Entrepreneur, Circumnavigator, and Ocean Racing Champ Speaks to Students  

Meg Reilly ’12, initially took a conventional path to her marketing career, accepting a position at Y&R Global, one of the world’s biggest advertising networks, after graduation from the Stillman School of Business. Until one day, when she quit her day job to pursue entrepreneurship at top speed and race yachts around the world. “When you think in terms of ‘I can’ instead of ‘I can’t,’ a lot can happen,” the Scotch Plains, N.J. native says

UC partners with Blackstone Charitable Foundation to expand LaunchPad

The UC system announced its partnership with Blackstone Charitable Foundation to expand Blackstone LaunchPad to all UC campuses in a press release Tuesday. Blackstone LaunchPad has been offered at UCLA since 2014, according to the press release. Under this $5 million expansion, all UC students will be able to attend LaunchPad events and have access to a mentorship network. Techstars, an entrepreneurial assistance organization, is also collaborating with LaunchPad to provide the program with additional resources, according to the press release.

A Crisis Like Student Debt Can Be An Opportunity For A Savvy Entrepreneur

Smart entrepreneurs recognize that problems are opportunities, and they create new business models to solve them. To have a thriving economy that works for everyone — not just the privileged few — the student debt crisis has to be solved. About 43 million adult Americans — roughly one-sixth of that population — carry a federal student loan, according to The MeasureOne Private Student Loan Report. They owe $1.5 trillion in federal student loan debt, plus an estimated $119 billion in student loans from private sources that are not backed by the government.

Thompson 09, Milhouse join Nelson-Center as Entrepreneurs in Residence

Arnell Milhouse and Laura Thompson ’09 will help students build startups and develop ideas as this year’s Entrepreneurs in Residence at the Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship. Since their appointment in May, Thompson and Milhouse have started mentoring students during their office hours.

How a 26 year old college student took $200 and launched a $1.7 million swimwear business in a year out of her apartment.

Ana Gavia started Pinkcolada, which sells stylish and affordable swimsuits, when she was just 25 and a medical student in Australia

Elevate Origins to help launch startups

Universities throughout northeast Indiana are welcoming the opportunity to participate in a new pre-accelerator program that Elevate Ventures has started to help entrepreneurs they work with get startups off the ground. Elevate Origins was designed to help entrepreneurs directly affiliated with higher education institutions or who work with university-affiliated groups, said Jacob Schpok, its executive director. Purdue University Fort Wayne is the area’s largest university, but “it’s open for all of the entrepreneurs in the northeast region, not just necessarily the ones with Purdue Fort Wayne,” he said.

8 ways to get involved with innovation & entrepreneurship on campus

Looking to begin your own entrepreneurial journey? We rounded up the top eight ways to get plugged into entrepreneurship on campus, regardless if you have an idea for a business or not!

What do an internet-connected (IoT) walker accessory, sustainable glitter and a Slack-based IT ticketing system have in common? All are companies founded by CU Boulder alumni, who presented to an audience of more than 200 students, faculty, staff and members of the local startup community at CU Boulder’s 2nd annual Innovation and Entrepreneurship Campus Kickoff.

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LaunchIt student startup competition starts Sept. 26 with pitches

Students with ideas for startups — as well as those with other skills looking to join potential entrepreneurs — are invited to take place in this year’s LaunchIt competition. The third annual edition, coordinated by student club Enactus and SUNY Oswego’s School of Business, will begin with students having 1 minute to pitch their products, services and other startup ideas at 4 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 26, in Sheldon Ballroom. In this first-round event, other students interested in helping make these ideas reality by lending skills in areas such as business planning, design, coding, marketing, writing or other aspects are invited to hear the pitches to potentially form startup teams.

RedHawk Ventures plans for $1.5 million fund

Miami’s student-led business organization RedHawk Ventures announced in early August plans to raise a $1.5 million fund this school year. RedHawk Ventures allows students to invest in start-up businesses, helping them get off the ground using venture capital (the practice of funding early stage firms based on high growth potential).

University’s Breakthrough-Lab supports student ventures

For eight weeks over the summer, student entrepreneurs gathered in the workspaces and lecture halls of the new Jonathan M. Nelson Center For Entrepreneurship to work on venture projects through the Breakthrough-Lab program.