StudVent believes in the mission and importance of student newspapers at college and university campuses all over the world.  The experiential journalistic learning experience provided by student run newspapers has few peers. Student reporters learn how to find problems, uncover issues, interview, collect qualitative and quantitative data, assimilate this data, check for facts, communicate and write. These skills are increasingly valuable today, not only for an individual’s personal career, but also for society as a whole.  The value of independent journalism on campuses, especially as universities continue down the road of corportization is more important than ever. Student newspaper also provide coverage of their local communities within which their affiliated higher education institutions sit — and this is and increasingly important societal function as the number of local newspapers dwindles. Moreover, some of the best entrepreneurs coming out of the university setting, such as the UK’s Richard Branson, cut their entrepreneurial teeth reporting and publishing student-oriented content.  Student newspapers also provide coverage of student entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, new firms and organizations that form on and around their campuses. We seek to support these student publications and independent student news organizations in various ways, and have started by providing searchable databases of student newspapers by country as  you will find below.   (As we are likewise fans of student-run radio and television stations, we will be covering those as well in the future

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The Necessity of Student Journalism

from the John Hopkins News-Letter

This is somewhere around the 100th opinion column I have written, though it is my first for The News-Letter.  And, in moving from one paper (The University of Virginia’s The Cavalier Daily) to another, I have been thinking about the importance of independent student journalism for a well-functioning student body. This sentiment, I hope, is a timely one, as new students are becoming acclimated to Hopkins.