We are a family-run business that is passionate about and experienced in student entrepreneurship.

Michael Clouser was a student entrepreneur himself a few times over, and a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley that invested in student start-ups. He is an entrepreneurship professor and has taught at various universities including Edinburgh and Stanford. He led the Edinburgh-Stanford Link’s entrepreneurship programme for 7 years. Prior to his Silicon Valley experience, he was the CEO of  Cornell-affiliated Student Agencies Incorporated, based in Ithaca, New York.  The organization has incubated many successful student startups, including CourseInfo (Blackboard) and a range of others. Michael is an alumnus of Cornell University (BS/MBA) and the University of Edinburgh (MSc/PhD).



Max Clouser is a Scout-Journalist and President of StudVent.  Max has worked in sales, hospitality, and publishing. He was a director of sales for Sooke Pocket News on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada during high school years. In later years, he worked at the Statler Hotel on Cornell’s campus, and with HyVee as a bartender. He operated an AirBnB business one summer between junior hockey seasons.  Max is also learning to code and is building initial products in Python.  Max graduated from Mt Lebanon High School in Pittsburgh, and attended Bridgton Academy in Maine as a PG student. He has lived in Canada, Scotland and the USA. He is currently a full-time undergraduate student at the Cornell University where he is studying computer science and hospitality.


Amy Clouser is a digital designer and web developer.  She has been in the graphic design industry as well as the hospitality industry for over 35 years. Amy also does all of our Social Media and Marketing. She has owned and operated an embroidery business for decades, and created numerous logos, POP material and websites.


Matisse Clouser is an up-and-coming social media marketer. Currently he is a rising high school senior who is in touch with Generation Z and their social media and digital habits. Matisse can help you reach this and Millennial audiences through various channels and presences.  He lives in Palm Beach, Florida.


Student Agencies Incorporated, Ithaca, New York in 1997

StudVent founder Michael Clouser, CEO fellow, first row on left, sitting. President Matt Wolffe, sitting front and center.