Incubators generally provide space and services to entrepreneurs and startup teams. According to the International Business Incubation Association, Incubators can be defined as the following:

“Incubators typically charge monthly program fees or membership dues in exchange for office/desk space and access to program offerings. Incubators offer programs to member companies that typically include mentoring, education/training, and informal learning opportunities. Incubators also host events to provide networking and learning opportunities for both member companies and the local community. Member companies are usually required to apply to ensure they meet the incubator’s criteria or mission (industry, stage of company, founder demographics, etc.). Incubators usually have graduation policies that are typically based on achievement of agreed-upon milestones, growth metrics or time-based stipulations. Typically, companies join incubators on a rolling basis (non-cohort), and are able to reside in the incubator for 1-3 years”.

In the meantime, you can search for an incubator in your region by using the search function from the International Business Incubation Association (InBIA).

While it only lists members of the association, many incubators are indeed members.